What To Do & Where To Go In Iceland

Iceland has been a hotspot for adventurous holiday-goers for many years because of its dramatic landscapes, smouldering volcanoes, whale watching opportunities, spectacular hot springs, waterfalls and of course the northern lights (aurora borealis).

Although the many outdoor activities seem to be a main attraction to Iceland and the capital of Reykjavik, an often overlooked aspect of this country is the food. Aside from their world famous street corner hotdogs, the variety of truly peculiar dishes are always available. Reindeer, Minke whale, fermented sharks and sheep's head are on the menu day and night.

From the comfort of your hotel or from the deck of a boat heading out into the North-Atlantic Ocean, enjoy Iceland for its unimaginable beauty, thriving wildlife, incredible hospitality and its many natural wonders.

Visit the Guide To Iceland for more details on seasonal weather patterns.

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