The Hyperion Project: British Streetwear At It's Best

Introducing one the UK's most exciting up and coming streetwear brands.

Founded in 2018, The Hyperion Project have quickly become one of the countries most exciting brands to come out of the streetwear sector, taking clear inspiration from urban culture and classic 90's looks.

The Hyperion Projects creative direction has been heavily influenced by Internet culture and modern day trends. They have created their latest collection with the intention of making it a continuous project, meaning they won't ever be restricted to timeframes and seasonal schedules.

With the help of their fast-growing following, The Hyperion Project have begun planning a number of major collaborations which will be taking place next year. Visit them online for all the latest updates on collection releases, discounts and details on their upcoming event taking place in London on the 22nd of February 2020.

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Check out their latest collection below, featuring a variety of military styled cargo pants, graphic hoodies and high-neck tops.

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