The Cardinal Vice & His Future In Film

We caught up with The Cardinal Vice to discuss his movie-making inspirations, recent collaboration with Lola Bouchareb and his future in film.

1) What first pushed you to pursue writing and directing?

Movies like Taxi driver, Old Boy and Clockwork Orange were really strange and affected a lot of people. They made me feel like I was not alone and that there were other weirdos  that liked to see the same things as me.

2) What was the inspiration behind your most recent video featuring Lola Bouchareb?

The main inspiration behind that particular project really came from wanting to create a film to make fun of those classic movie and model cliches.

3) Do you have any plans for a new fashion project?

I’m waiting on someone to shoot me a budget, but I've got lots of ideas ready, just need that green.

4) What country (other than France) do you hope to shoot your next project in?

Japan (outside of Europe)

Berlin, Germany (within Europe) 

Other than those I see myself shooting a project everywhere.

5) If you could collaborate with one model, designer or director on a short-film, who would it be?

Nobody. Not that I don’t like what anyone else does, it’s just I find working with another creative on a project is tedious for many reasons. For me the thing that really gets to me is ownership. I gotta be able to say at the end that the project that it was me 100%.

Check out his most recent project featuring Lola Bouchareb below.

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