The 7 City Italian Roadtrip

Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples & Bari - with an average of 2 hours driving between each stop.

If your looking to take some time off over the summer, then why not consider a 5 day, 10 day or even 30 day roadtrip around Italy? Our guide gives you the chance to explore every major city in Italy, without spending any time in an airport.

Check out our 7 city Italian roadtrip below starting in Milan.

Milan - the fashion capital of Italy, home to some of Europes most impressive architecture.

Venice - the car free city, famous for its many canals, architecture and food.

Bologna - a truly authentic experience in the heart of Italy.

Florence - river walks, fine wine and incredible food. Home to the Duomo (cathedral),

Rome - the capital city of Italy famous for having a country inside the city (Vatican City - if you would like to, you can visit the Pope at Saint peter's square on Sunday's).

Naples - the best pizza in the world (fact), and its where it originated from. Naples (Napoli) is a unique and highly recommended stop-off (often missed).

Bari - the perfect end to your Italian roadtrip. Beaches, food (seafood specialists), wine and almost anything else you could ask for.

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