PAS UNE MARQUE: Reimagining The Apres-guerré Aesthetic

PAS UNE MARQUE is a Paris based clothing label - despite being named after the French translation of "not a brand".

PAS UNE MARQUE is a modern establishment, reimagining the timeless apres-guerré aesthetic. By applying traditional French tailoring methods and techniques to form statement pieces with clear streetwear inspirations, PAS UNE MARQUE continue to offer everyday looks that can be worn on any occasion.

Their latest capsule collection titled 'Potentially Unwanted Modification' touches on a number of social issues that have allowed PAS UNE MARQUE to continue thriving in their field.

The team behind PAS UNE MARQUE have addressed climate change and global warming in a chic, elegant and forward-thinking manner by pledging to carbon neutrality, meaning the entirety of their latest release has zero-carbon-footprint.

Secondly, they address various feminist concepts, for example social reproduction and social inequalities that seem to encapsulate all activities that are involved in the production of life. By using terms like these, PAS UNE MARQUE are able to shed light on how various social settings and relations are reproduced and governed. So by applying social reproduction to the everyday we can begin to understand how we live in a contemporary and capitalistic society.

Lastly, they tackle the controversial topic of surveillance, something that is far from present in the fashion industry, but something that should never be forgotten. To be 'connected' is to thrive to success and prosperity, but it's exactly this that makes us so prone to surveillance. In a number of ways this monitoring dictates decision-making and acts as a form of brain washing. PAS UNE MARQUE aim to remove the ever-present dangers of this online influence and remain wary of certain methods of control within our societies.

Check out their latest collection below and visit their online store here.

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