NEW VOID ORDER: Bringing Streetwear & Sustainability Together

NEW VOID ORDER (N.V.O) is a streetwear brand, focusing on producing fine quality clothing that is both ethical and sustainably sourced.

N.V.O have taken note of the changes with the fashion industry regarding sustainability. Over the last few years more and more companies and individuals have been noticing the negative effects on both our planet and the industry itself.

The majority of N.V.O's collections consist of 100% organic fair-trade cotton, which means the carbon footprint is reduced massively - allowing their clothing to have very little impact on the environment.

N.V.O have dropped their latest graphic print focused collection, including the famous photograph of Friedrich Nietzsche on a black tee, with their logo repeating in the background in a pastel pink tone. N.V.O have also designed a wireframe head large on the front of a sweatshirt, with NEW VOID ORDER text appearing beneath it. This piece in particular stands out, giving the impression of being ‘in the matrix’. This is not to forget their first and flagship design, the rainbow hand-drawn ouroboros logo - who is likely to be a staple hero of the brand. 

"The brand was born out of a love of design, philosophy and street culture. Through our unique and bold designs we open up a discussion of psychological and philosophical concepts such as existentialism and Carl Jung's concept of 'The Shadow' – which touch on ideas of consciousness, transformation and infinity".

Future collections from NEW VOID ORDER will include unique cut & sew pieces - houndstooth trench coat with pastel pink highlights, an embroidered bomber jacket and a track jacket made from recycled materials.

Check out their latest collection imagery below and be sure to visit their online store and Instagram page for more updates, deals and more.

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