MOHXA: Redefining Sustainable Fashion From The Heart Of Greece

Inspired by the beautiful Athenian neighbourhood of Paleo Faliro, comes Mohxa. A brand founded by Jason Pachos and George Papachatzopoulos (the Mohxa boys).

The boys wanted an outlet to express their various loves for music, movies, photography, sports, lifestyle - the list goes on. They found this through the medium of clothing and fashion. Kicking off with printed tees, the brand has since grown to offer everything from high quality jackets, shirts with abstract designs, mixed fabric pieces and hats and bags.

Everything bar sewing the garments is done in-house, from design and photography to sourcing and cutting fabrics. It’s amazing to see this kind of involvement from the brand creators, where every element is built and based entirely on their vision. Each piece is almost like a part of the story, linking back to the influences that have come into the Mohxa boys lives throughout time.

Breathing new life into leftover materials is something that is important to the Mohxa boys. It’s also something we at Parka feel should be noted by other brands, especially during this pandemic. Sustainability is the new fashion and people are opting for brands that have no negative impact on their workers and the environment. It also adds value to the product. Seeing what people are able to create with quality materials that would normally be disregarded as waste, is extremely exciting, especially so with the products from Mohxa.

Overall, this is a brand that continues to stand out by offering the combination of quality and true creativity and passion. As the guys behind Mohxa mature, the brand continues to do so with them, constantly evolving and moving with the times and changes in the world - but never losing their authenticity and values.

Visit MOXHA here and be sure to check out some of our favourite looks below.

By Ryan Mark Morgan