Mathilde Baud On Her Life As A Student & Her Aims For Sustainability

Take a look at the budding journey of Mathilde Baud, as she discuses her life as a designer and her aims for sustainability.

1) When did you first realise your passion for fashion and design? I always had a strong interest in handcraft. My grandmother who used to make her own clothes taught me how to sew and at the age of 12 I started making my own garments! My love for charity shopping and finding unique vintage pieces also led me to have a bigger interest in the clothes themselves. I like the fact that fashion design allows you to explore a lot of different creative practices from 3D sewing to 2D graphic print design, conveying together a lot of areas I am interested in.

2) You're a third year fashion student at the Kingston School Of Art - what have you taken from this experience? Throughout my years at university I’ve learned a lot from developing my own brand identity while being aware of the boundaries and the reality that exists behind working in the fashion industry. Due to a lot of insights from fashion houses, I was lucky enough to intern within the print team at Givenchy Paris which led me to have a better understanding of what a job in the industry feels like. The Kingston exchange program also allowed me to study in Seoul, South Korea for a semester which was an amazing experience - helping me broaden my vision over new styles and aestheticism. By working on my projects and especially right now with my collection, I am always discovering new things in my work and what I am capable of - I really appreciate that my design studies allow me to explore more about my creative possibilities.

3) Has the conversation surrounding sustainability in fashion led you to consider different avenues for your future in design? It definitely led me to consider different options within my work and for my future plans in the fashion industry. The issues related to the impact of fashion production on the environment can't be ignored any longer. As young creatives we have the power to be a voice in this industry and to transmit a more positive and responsible message towards the people. Although as a student we won’t resolve all the problems surrounding the debate, we can still try our best to be more self-aware of consumption and waste.

4) If you could collaborate with one designer on a capsule collection - who would it be and why? I would really love to collaborate with designers such as the Swedish duo Rave Review, they have a really fresh and modern way of working with up-cycling processes and I feel that I could learn a lot from that. I am always very excited looking at their new collections - they give me hope that sustainable fashion can also be very attractive and beautiful.

5) What can we expect to see from you over the next few years? As a final year student, I am currently working on my final year collection which I am really enjoying. It really helps me establish a clearer view on my design identity and what I want to say as a creative. After my graduation I would like to freelance ideally as a print designer which is something I am really passionate about. I would love to be able to find a job which would allow me to travel and discover new types of cultures and fashion practices.

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