Louis Vuitton Pre-Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection

Louis Vuitton's pre-autumn/winter collection features bold and colourful pieces that are set to help us hold on to the summer that will most likely be missed due to COVID-19.

The collection sports LV's iconic monogram in excess across all pieces, mixing it up across different looks that display the design in a unique way, from embroidery and illustrative water colour-like prints to stand out bold graphics.

The collection really does give us everything, from coats, jackets and jumpers to a wide range of shorts, accessories and shoes. Despite each look in this collection being designed as a pair, it still remains the kind of range where each piece will always work in perfect harmony with one another.

Some of the finer key details that stood out in this collection is the branded label being stitched to the outside of the t-shirt, for those who weren't already aware that you are in fact wearing a Louis Vuitton piece and the embossed LV monogram graphics and logos seen on the orange shorts.

This collection is set to release in the next few months so stay tuned for all the latest updates.

By Ryan Mark Morgan

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