Interview With Suril: Founder & Creative Director Of ACIA STUDIO

We caught up with the founder and creative director of acia STUDIO to discuss his brand, inspirations and his future in fashion.

1) What first sparked your interest in fashion design?

I’ve always had an interest in fashion from young but what really pushed me to pursue it further was the community and culture of fashion. The shared love people have for great design and brands. Brands build communities and these are worldwide. Coming from a small town, I often struggled to fit in and find like-minded people. When I realised fashion was more than just clothing and it was a lifestyle, that’s when I really got involved. I felt a sense of community even with strangers. When you're walking down the street and you get that little nod from somebody who recognises your creps or hat. That’s dope.  

2) What was the main inspiration behind launching acia STUDIO?

I wanted to create a community for those like me who felt they didn’t belong anywhere. Society tells us to act in a certain way and live a generic lifestyle which I really wasn’t about. I want to create my own lifestyle and live how I want to whilst encouraging others to do the same. We’re born in to a system which benefits a select few people and I want people to realise you can create your own future. acia is based off underground culture from fashion and music to the rave scene and I want to keep pushing these subcultures and providing opportunities for those involved. These underground scenes reject the norm. I want everyone to just be themselves and not be ashamed of it. You don’t have to fit in to a certain box and I think it’s so much cooler if you don’t. 

3) If you could collaborate with one designer on a capsule collection - who would it be and why?

It’s a tough one. If I had to choose one then probably Raf Simons. His impact on fashion and the youth has been paramount to how fashion is today. Even if not directly, he influenced the game changers in the scene you might recognise today. It was rebellious what he was doing and these are the people that cause impact. If we’re talking brands - Evisu. This was one of the first brands that made me care about fashion and further to that, shaped me. 

4) Since you first launched, what has been the biggest barrier you've come across in the industry?

It’s expensive man. Especially as things move so quickly in fashion, things don’t get a chance to resonate properly. Paired with the focus the industry has on influencers now. It’s like if you don’t have these celebrity connections it’s difficult to gain traction. But I’m in for the long run, I don’t really care for all that. 

5) If you could collaborate with one model, actress or influencer - who would it be and why?

Not a model, actress or influencer but Young Thug is one person I’ve always wanted to work with. His mind is just different. He doesn’t care, he does what he wants and that changes the scene. acia is all about doing what you want to an unapologetic level. He’s the ultimate GOAT. 

6) What can we expect to see from acia STUDIO over the next year?

I’ve got what I would call my first collection in the works. It’s almost ready so I’m excited to launch that. On top of that there will be so many more releases. The plan was to do more events but obviously due to the situation that can’t run right now. I’m trying to connect with more people to create meaningful work. I’m bored of scrolling past the same stuff, pointless content on social media with no message or meaning. I think it’s damaging people’s minds and creativity.