Interview With Louise Autrup Vinkel: Creative Director Of ArtFusion Copenhagen

Take a dive into the journey of ArtFusion Copenhagen, alongside their creative director Louise Autrup Vinkel, husband and partner Jesper Autrup Vinkel and their much-loved dog Charlie.

1) When did you first realise your passion for fashion and design? I have always had a great imagination and a rich inner life. As a child I loved to read and I would often stay up all night to finish a book. I also loved to dress up and arrange plays or acrobatic shows with my siblings and friends. We invited parents, family and neighbours to come and see the shows. I have always felt a need to express myself in some creative way, and I have worked with both painting, poetry, ceramics and design.

2) What has been the main inspiration behind launching ArtFusion? ArtFusion Copenhagen is founded upon the idea of being art, fashion and sustainability together in one brand. ArtFusion is a collab between my husband and I. We wanted to create a brand, where we could combine our different interests, passions and strengths. He brings the industry know-how and I bring the creative mind-set. Our vision is to create original fashion with a sustainable approach.

3) How has being Copenhagen based allowed you bring sustainability to the forefront of your brand? Sustainability is becoming more and more important to us all, no matter where we live in the world. I see important changes in the way we think and act, everyday. Also the fashion industry is changing, even though it´s happening too slowly. When launching a clothing brand today, it feels natural and vital to us, to do so with a sustainable approach. Being a small company, we can’t do it all at once - but we constantly push ourselves and our business to become more sustainable. For us, sustainable fashion is a process and commitment to always try and do better.

4) If you could collaborate with one designer on a capsule collection - who would it be and why? The danish brand Saks Potts is very inspirational. Their dna is quite unique and they have made some bold collections. I am always excited to see what will come next.

5) What can we expect to see from ArtFusion over the next few years? We are working on several things - we have just launched our PRE-ORDER strategy and are looking in to how we can make this a more natural part of our business, but also a more natural choice for our customers. We are also working on our ArtFusion PRE-ORDER EVENTS, where we can meet and talk to our customers, and our customers can see and try on garments from the new collection. This way we can produce pieces more responsibly and we get to meet our customers in person - which is the best thing :)

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