Interview With Greek Fashion Influencer Yorgos Chatzopoulos

We spoke with the Athens based influencer, stylist and overall fashion creative on his upcoming projects, inspirations and dream collaborations.

1. What first sparked your interest in fashion and style?

My grandfather’s bobo style. An original mid century dandy with a proletariat edge in his styling. I was always intrigued by his choices in clothing and the way he perceived dressing up like a ritual, although he just needed to visit the grocery store. It always gave me the feeling that he saw his outfits as an opportunity to express his unique personality.

2. Who was the biggest inspiration behind your personal style evolution over the last five years?

Actually, my lovely ex husband. He was working in fashion and had this huge wardrobe which I raided consistently and always found ways to reimagine and re-wear. We were not even the same size, but I think it made me more creative with my styling. As I was wearing his clothes, I couldn’t help but wonder: “does he cheat on me?”.

3. If you could spend a summer shadowing one designer - who would it be and why?

I would have to say Dilara Findikoglu. Her ironic take on my beloved trends throughout fashion history is unique and everything she does looks effortlessly dramatic. She has to be the one I've had my eyes on lately. Plus she looks like the girl who'd know where the truly fun parties would be. And if you are “stalking” someone, can you at least do it in a party where people do dance?

4. If you could collaborate with one Greek creative on a short fashion film - who would it be and why?

One of my closest friends Iphigenia, better known on social media as @teapotgr. She is a photographer and visual artist and has one of the coolest plant shops in the whoooooole wiiiiiiiiiiiide woooooorld - Kopria. Everything she does is visually appealing and she never seizes to impress me with the evolution of her aesthetics and ideas.

5. What three countries do you hope to visit after lockdown?

Defo Japan. It would be a dream come true to explore the colourful chaos of Tokyo. In my travel agenda is also a visit to Mexico, if Trump hates it so much then it must be the most awesome place on earth. Last but not least I have to say New Zealand. I do not know if you have figured it out from my Instagram account that I am a huge film buff and geek, but I have a map with all the locations that Lord of the Rings was shot at and some from the iconic series Xena: the Warrior Princess, but this is the reality. A true adventure with endless photo opportunities for my leather outfits.

6. What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Well as one of my OG girls says: “You guys, sex sells. It’s 2004”.

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