Interview With Amir Hassan: Founder & Creative Director Of TWELVEPIECES

We spoke with the founder and creative director of TWELVEPIECES about his brand, inspirations and future in fashion.

1) What first sparked your interest in fashion?

I think it was something that came to me at young age, seeing my dad be creative growing up, started my interest in drawing… Which lead me to draw designs for clothes.

2) What was the main inspiration behind launching TWELVEPIECES?

My main inspiration is 112% my dad -  after I lost him at the age of 14, I gained a lot of responsibility - I had only my mum and two smaller sisters. So I was the only guy in the family - it kicked something in me, I wanted to be like my dad. He was a great artist and sculpture that gained recognition trough his storytelling about Egypt and his life in Egypt. He wanted to have more culture in Scandinavian homes, and I think that his vision is so beautiful and meaningful in our current society, that I have to do the same - tell a beautiful story about my culture, but in my medium which is being Fashion.

3) How would you describe your brands style to a new customer?

High-street storytelling - Clothes that tell a story about freedom, diversity and unity. 

4) If you could collaborate with one designer on a collection - who would it be and why?

Virgil Abloh - because of his power. I definitely respect his designs and the ideas behind them, but his power, waow. In such a short time he turned OFF-WHITE into the number 1 brand in the world, so all eyes on him.

5) If you could style one model, actress or influencer - who would it be?

Its always so hard to answer this question - I've always believed that our products should be styled on a storyteller and not to showcase only. So I might see a person that has a strong voice and might gain a lot of recognition like Barack Obama or iconic Kanye.

6) What can we expect to see from TWELVEPIECES over the next 12 months?

A lot of new strategies have been made for 2020. Our little firm is growing from being me running everything to actually quite a big business, with 3 full-time staff and one part-timer. We will also be launching a whole new website.

Check out their latest collection below and visit their website here.

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