Eric Feurtet & Raphaël Meyer: Owners Of Domaine De Rymska

We spoke to Eric Feurtet and Raphaël Meyer on their journey to building Domaine De Rymska.

1) When did the idea to build and launch a hotel come around? When we bought the farm in 2012, it came with a little castle and few outbuildings. We thought about what we could do with the castle: from this the idea of a restaurant with few rooms was born.

2) What was the reason behind choosing this location for Domaine de Rymska? At the beginning we bought the land with the purpose of running a small farm. The idea to add the hotel and restaurant came after.

3) How do you stay on top of the many day to day roles of running a hotel? Before we built the Domaine de Rymska, we were the owners and managers of a 5 star hotel with a gourmet restaurant in the centre of Beaune (Hostellerie Le Cèdre). Hotel-keeping and farm work were passions of ours, so it was easy to create a place by bringing those two things together.

4) What are your five most enjoyable aspects of a stay at the Domaine de Rymska? 1. A quiet morning in the heart of the unspoilt French countryside 2. A restaurant with the finest quality produce, coming mostly from our farm (Charolais beef, Wagyu beef, poultry, eggs, lamb, chicken, fruit and vegetables from the garden) 3. The location with it being only 30 km from Beaune (the exceptional capital of fine French wine) 4. The rooms and suites are very spacious and beautifully designed with the best furnishing, offering a cosy, warm and intimate atmosphere. 5. The Domaine is surrounded by the most ideal scenery for hiking, riding, cycling, fishing and relaxing.

5) You mentioned your love of racing. When did owning and training horses become a passion of yours? We bought our first mare in 2013 and our first born foal was Rymska. We names her Domaine being the first horse born here.

7) What does the future hold for Domaine de Rymska? We are building 6 more rooms and suites, with an outdoor swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and massage space to launch in 2020.

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