Deige: Breaking Boundaries Within Streetwear

Continuing on their journey to make affordable, high quality streetwear accessible to every single one of their followers.

Founded in 2018, Deige are fast becoming one of the countries most inclusive streetwear brands around. Unlike many street-inspired brands coming out of the UK, Deige have been able to consistently offer their followers a variety of eye-catching designs on a number of fine-quality garments.

Their latest collection (Lost Civilisation of Dilmun) sees the arrival of their blue-stripe and off-white sweaters (ranging from sizes XS to 4XL) with lots more to look forward to over the next year. Although the brand was born out of the UK, clear inspiration has been taken from its middle eastern roots which has contributed to their aim to include and NEVER exclude.

See below for some of our favourite pieces from Deige's recent collections and check out their Instagram for updates on releases, deals and more.

Visit Deige to shop their latest collection online.

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