A Guide To Whale Watching In Norway

Whale watching has always been a main attraction to any country that is home to the wild creatures. So if you're looking to see them up close in their natural habitat, we have the perfect solution for you.

Located between Lofoten and North Cape (Norway), you find Andenes and Hvalsafari. Possibly the most trusty option if your really looking to catch a good glimpse of the huge sea creatures.

Hvalsafari Andenes is by far the most experienced tour company in the entire country. With 30 years experience and endless expert knowledge, their crew are happy to offer all guests a 100% whale guarantee.

With this particular area being so popular for whale watching, you will always be able to find local accommodation. Along with the many hotels, there are a number of quirky restaurants, diners, cafes and bars serving Norwegian dishes and drinks late into the night.

Visit Hvalsafari Andenes to book your trip.

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