3 European Cities You Need To Explore This Year

3 European cities you need to explore this year (before its on everyones list).

Reykjavik, Iceland

The most accessible once in a lifetime adventure you could ever have. If your based in Europe, or you're heading there on a big trip, don't forget to add Reykjavik to your itinerary. Here's 10 unique things to do when your next in Iceland - Go whale watching, see the northern lights, visit rural hot-springs, swim in the Blue Lagoon, go inside a glacier, see inside a volcano, swim off the Icelandic coast, take a summer road trip around the famous ring road, scuba dive in a frozen lake and of course, eat a fermented shark.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Over the last few years Croatia has become an increasingly popular destination for holiday-goers, seeking a scenic and tranquil getaway. Dubrovnik sits right on the coast in southern Croatia, surrounded by stunning crystal clear waters, hidden beaches and a number of small islands that are easily accessible by boat. Don't forget to enjoy the incredible selection of foods on offer at every local market and busy backstreet.

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital city of Portugal famous for its charismatic number 28 tram, vibrant nightlife, flavoursome foods and stunning views of the coast. Warm weather is another main attraction, as well as the many museums, galleries and day trips (Sintra, Cascais and more).

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